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Working for APHA in field veterinary and Veterinary Investigation Officer roles

Find out more from APHA staff discussing the field and lab veterinary roles.

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Working in APHA – Testimonials

  • Before joining the APHA, I previously worked as part of a charitable organization rehabilitating wildlife animals as well as doing small animal work in practice. I’ve decided to join the APHA because I wanted to try collaborating on the “bigger picture” of animal health.

    Since I have joined the APHA, I have been highly involved in Avian Influenza outbreak work (attending case reports, doing surveillance work), which I highly enjoyed and it has been my favourite part of work since I started. However, it is very interesting the broad roles ministry vets are involved in – endemic diseases, exotic diseases, animal welfare work, animal by products, border controls, etc. There are so many areas of work where one can develop, that it can be suitable work for many different background vets and it opens opportunities for professional development in many new areas that you may be interested in. In addition, this job has allowed me to improve my work-life balance, which in our profession has often been jeopardised. Also, the companionship I’ve established with my colleagues, and the support I have received over this first year of work is worth mentioning, because it has been beyond my initial expectations. I’d like to be able to see more specialization within the agency, and hopefully, as we recruit more vets, there will be more time for us to develop further in the working areas we are particularly interested in, and have a forever growing and well experienced multidisciplinary teams.

  • Q: What attracted you to a career in APHA?

    • What attracted me to a career in APHA was the fact of working on so many areas such as Welfare, ND, ABP, TB, Customer Advice, Licensing.

    Q: How have you found the role since joining?

    • I have found the role exciting & challenging mainly. Exciting because every single situation is different which gives me a shot of adrenaline and challenging because you have to work within a specific timeframe based on knowledge and experience. I take both feelings in a very positive way.

    What are the parts of the SVI role you are enjoying the most?

    • What I like the most is to be in touch with animals such as Welfare visits, ABC Series sampling and AI report cases. I also enjoy during those visits the Q&A with the farmers.